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Company Profile

Founded 20 years ago, KS Printing has been focused on books and periodicals printing for the last 15 years. With complete and advanced printing machines, KS is one of the most renowned book printers in East China.

KS has been offering printing services for global publishers since 2006. For some 10 years, KS has printed books for more than 2000 publishers around the globe and generates an excess of 30 million US dollars per year.

Shanghai E-Tang Import & Export Co., Ltd upholds high quality and abides by good faith in international trade. The reason we earn respect and continued patronage from our clients is that we take our responsibility to solve disputes.
In nearly 10 years, KS not only prints books, but also frequently puts forward the most cost effective printing solutions for our clients. We meet printing needs from our clients while saving considerable costs for them. Your book is like a baby to us, so we will give the best care. KS always makes sure you will get high quality products, competitive prices and satisfactory customer services.

What makes us different?

KS Printing is a one-stop platform for printing services, from design to delivery. We are unlike the competition in that:
1. Our expertise and history of excellence are unmatched, providing brands with cutting edge, high quality and innovative printing service for over 20 years.
2. Our full-service process is customized around our client's needs----from precise conceptual design translation, to efficient material and supply sourcing, to manufacturing & production, to reliable project delivery and follow up----each aspect of our printing process is carefully executed with the client's unique vision in mind.
3. We guarantee 100% quality and provide many alternatives for materials, technical expertise, processes and applications to suit any projects Contact us today at 86-18018699585 or william@ksprinting. Next  to speak with a representative about your custom project.
With the development of E-Commerce all over the world, there is a big demand for different packages, according to the different requirements for mailing boxes, KS Printing founds R&D team for packaging supplies to provide creative shipping boxes proposals.

CEO's Message

The 21st century is a brave new world of information technology. IT is the major factor affecting our reading habit and the pattern of culture communication, and the traditional labor-intensive printing industry is under a great challenge.
KS Printing understands the importance of change. Through analyzing and evaluating the core competency of the corporation, the company aims to transform into a world class advance printing and communications venture. While improving our current products and services, KS Printing will also make use of cutting-edge IT and innovative designs to provide digital management and value-added services for our customers. Together with our partners and customers, KS Printing will continue to use our creativity and innovation for sustainable development to create more value and explore new development patterns, in order to play a more important role in the printing industry chain.

KS Printing will continue to grow with our partners and clients. We courage team spirit, seek continuous improvement, and strive to be a first-class company. Our staff and workers will continue to make contributions to promoting culture and civilization, as well as enhancing the development of printing industry at home and abroad.

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