17/5000 How to make a good brochure for high-end printing


I. Quantity and content. The fierce competition increases the difficulty of the company's publicity. In order to do a good job in the printing of publicity samples, accurate quantity and complete content are required. There are often some activities such as exhibitions. If quantity estimate is not allowed, can bring about spoiling or propaganda is not in place.

II. Raw materials and planning. Do not blindly seek grade, to confirm the grade of raw materials according to the enterprise and the target of distribution. Generally speaking, advanced consumer goods have relatively high requirements for samples, while heavy industrial products are much lower, and audiences attach more importance to the content of samples. Some service industries, such as real estate agencies, adjust more quickly and use non-leaflet samples for real estate information, except for cover pages and corporate introductions.

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Three, how to issue. In general, the distribution channels mainly include exhibition distribution, channel promotion and product storage. Among them, it is difficult to grasp the distribution target of the exhibition, especially for the comprehensive exhibition of mass consumer products. Spam caused great waste, accurate distribution and can not grasp the consumption target, miss business opportunities. As far as I see some comprehensive exhibitions of mass consumer goods, many businesses pay more attention to the display of the product itself, while the distribution of samples is relatively downplayed. In terms of effect, product storage is undoubtedly better, and the distribution effect is accurate, but for the development of potential consumer groups, it is relatively limited, and the transmission path of samples is not ambitious. The way to carry out more complex, practical significance of the way business, there are advertising channels

Tao, such as micro-blog, etc., but the general target is relatively clear, conducive to expanding the potential consumer groups.

IV. After-sales return visit, this process is very important and necessary.

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