Here's What No One Tells You About art book printing.


Here's What No One Tells You About art book printing
We all usually feel no stranger to album printing products; album printing products are mostly some printing and production of more beautiful printing products, it is because the readability of album printing products is extreme, so, in recent years, album printing products have become an essential promotional tool in the field of advertising and publicity. In the production of art book printing products, it is critical to ensure the quality of output. Booklet printing (art book printing) is booklet printing with pictures and a small amount of text to show. The book is printed on coated paper; there is also a cover of a special report, coated paper inside the book, and all printed on select paper brochures.

How to make album prints?

Stir well before use. Measure the viscosity of the printing ink on the press. The whole thickness and reconfirm the density and PH value. With water-based ink proportioning components and the number of ink, the transfer should be made a detailed record so that the stubs filed as a reference basis for printing comparison. Three sheet characteristics of the impact of printed gloss paper due to the interweaving of fibers and the formation of capillary network structure, with many pores, become the basis for the absorption of ink. Paper capillary network of ink link material absorption time and link material fixation time between the balance determines printed gloss formation when the link material penetration degree. General printing gloss is enhanced with the paper absorption capacity and reduce.

art book printing

The process method of cutting into a particular shape with a knife is die-cutting and using steel wire according to individual specifications. The impression is made on paper or cardboard to use it to bend the paper or cardboard method is called creasing. Die-cutting. Indentation emphasizes precision.

What goods are bought the more, the cheaper? 

This is also a decisive factor in the price of album printing.
The more albums you order, the cheaper the unit price will naturally be, direct cost savings. In the printing industry, the start-up price of printing equipment is unchanged, which means that the frame is intact. The number of album printing this point needless to say, no matter how much you print, manufacturers direct Internet printing to specific purposes of paper or cardboard according to individual specifications, the dot expansion rate can be controlled at about 15%. Simultaneously, the right color, good saturation, bright colors can better reproduce the layers and contrast. ctp printing plate highlight can print 1% (out of the film sun ps version, can be published 2 to 3%) of the dot. Net dot type good dark tone of the total number of dot overprint can reach about 350.

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Calendars are mainly divided into horizontal and vertical types, which are usually bound with iron rings. Before developing calendar printing, you can contact a calendar printing manufacturer to get a new calendar sample and modify the design based on the cost. If you need to make a business calendar, then you can quickly make a calendar. You can pay attention to the following points: calendar style selection. Design a high-grade album suitable for the enterprise's nature, the enterprise product album's design, mainly from the function of the product and the heart of the enterprise as the primary point, the application of graphic ideas and design elements, reflecting the part of the product. The design of the corporate image album should be based on the culture of the enterprise. Business philosophy. Background and other elements.

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