How much does it cost to print a book in a printing plant? Is it expensive to publish books?


How much does it cost to print a book in a printing plant? Is it expensive to publish books?

Many customers will come over and ask us directly how much it costs to print how many books? Strangely, we cannot give a clear answer. Because the price is related to the customer's requirements, and depending on the different conditions, the price will vary greatly.

Publishing a book is the cost of printing and includes book number management fee, review fee, proofreading fee, typesetting fee, design fee, printing fee, and so on. The book number management fee is a relatively large expense in addition to printing, generally between 30,000-50,000, some even more expensive.

Of course, the book number fee has little to do with the printing house. In addition to simple printing, printers also need review fees, proofreading fees, and typesetting fees related to the number of words and colors. The more the number of words, the more the review fee and proofreading fee, which are generally calculated by how many yuan per thousand words. The word count here refers to the number of comments on the page, not the number of characters in Word statistics.

The typesetting colors, such as single-color, two-color, four-color, the typesetting fee, are different; pure textbooks, pictures, tables, or other graphics, and the typesetting cost is also added the pure text is relatively cheap, the other more expensive.

Printing cost is also related to page number, printing color, binding, paper, and printing quantity. The number of pages is indisputable. The more the number of pages, the higher the cost of typesetting and printing. Binding mainly includes riding staples, locking line glue binding, wireless glue binding, etc. Different binding solutions are used depending on the page number. The paper is usually double-gummed, but the price will vary with the thickness of the double-gummed paper.

The number of prints is something that many people do not understand. Sometimes, why is it cheaper to print in larger quantities? This is mainly because printing has start-up fees, plate making fees, etc., and usually costs several hundred dollars. For example, if a book's cost is $20, and the start-up and plate-making fees add up to $500, and only 100 copies are made, then the printer will give a unit price of 1 of $25. For the same cost, making 500 copies, the average price would be $21. And the number is large, and the printer is naturally willing to make a profit.

Album printing cost

Album printing cost

Printed books also need to be clear about the purpose because so much of what was said earlier is mainly for a complete process of selling books to the public. Many will now need to print internal books, which are not used for sales channels. This can save a lot of audit steps and audit costs. But it is important to note that books that have not gone through a rigorous audit process cannot enter the market without being illegal!

Generally speaking, the price of an average book cannot be given a clear answer right away. Ks-printing packaging printers provide a rough estimate for those who need to print books based on years of printing experience. Under the premise of standard materials and processes, a unit price of 500 copies or less generally requires a cost of $20 or more, and 500 copies or more costs less than $20. This naturally does not include the cost of design and layout, depending on the number of pages, typesetting, etc. Design and typesetting costs range from a few hundred to a few thousand. But for a 200p book, we give a closing price of only $20 up or down, which is a price everyone can accept.

How much does it cost to print a corporate picture book? These costs determine the final price.

When we do printing, the most we hear when we receive customers is how much does it cost to print this booklet? How much does a package like this cost...

So how do you get a quote for album printing? Here, KS-printing printers have made a unique summary to explain how the cost of photo book printing is composed. 

The price of a photo album consists of the following parts:

1, the cost of album design.
In album printing, the cost of design is also included in the price of album printing. Of course, if you have already designed it, you do not need the design cost. The design capability and cost-effectiveness of printing houses are much higher than that of design companies.

2. Cost of album plate making.

If the number is too small, plate making is a significant expense, even higher than the sum of other costs. So if you only print a dozen or twenty copies, it is not recommended to do in the printing house, not the printing house can not do, just for the customer is not cost-effective.

3. The cost of album paper.

In the quotation of album printing, the cost of paper is also one factor affecting the source. The amount of paper determines the level of the quoted price. At the same time, different brands, weights, and other factors are different. Of course, we all use the best domestic printing paper; print quality is guaranteed.

4. Album printing cost.

The printing cost of the album includes ink, processing costs, etc.

5. Post-work costs.

In album printing, a vital link is also an essential link: the post-printing work link. As long as the cutting, laminating, film cutting, binding methods, etc... This cost should also be calculated in the quotation.

6. The customer's demand for album printing.

The size, quantity, process, and other booklet requirements also affect the final quotation of the album.

In short, the printing quotation consists of the design fee, plate making fee, paper fee, printing fee, post-processing process fee, and binding fee, and the printing quantity determines the unit price of each album.
We have provided book printing services to as many as 2,000 publishers worldwide for nearly a decade and have accumulated a wealth of experience in the industry. If you have any questions for us, please send us a letter.