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In printing today, our technology is more and more developed. Printing is a large number of industrial engineering reproduction; it is the use of analog or digital image carriers to transfer colorants/pigments to the substrate reproduction process. In the printing process, we are using the plate printing, in the plate printing need to use CTP. Let us understand several imaging technologies.

CTP is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary product, and its structure mainly consists of 3 major parts: mechanical system, optical system and circuit system. In general, CTP technology refers more to computer direct plate making technology. ctp technology can be further divided into in-machine direct plate making technology and off-machine direct plate making technology from different understanding perspectives; working mode, laser technology and plate making technology.

CTP technology currently used in the industry are mainly thermal CTP, violet laser CTP, UV-CTP and inkjet CTP, and four other technologies.


1.Thermal CTP

The imaging light source used is an 830nm infrared laser light source, and thermal plates are used for imaging. The principle is that when the imaging material is irradiated by the laser, the energy of the photons is absorbed and converted into heat, causing a chemical change in the photosensitive layer to form an image. The most important feature of infrared laser imaging is that the energy must reach a certain threshold. Below the threshold, there is no image on the printing plate at all. To reach the threshold, imaging results remain unchanged. The energy exceeds the threshold exposure imaging, does not exceed the threshold is not exposed, only these two states, there is no intermediate state, imaging is very accurate, and what can operate the use of infrared laser CTP plates in the bright room environment.

2.Violet CTP

The imaging light source used in violet CTP does not refer specifically to a specific wavelength laser generator but rather to a laser generator with a 390-410nm wavelength in general. Violet laser CTP uses a violet laser plate imaging, imaging the plate surface photosensitive layer by absorbing energy, which causes chemical changes in the photosensitive layer to form an image, violet laser light source life is long, cheap, what can operate the use of laser CTP plate under the yellow safety lamp, violet laser CTP imaging process has an energy positive effect, the exposure must have the correct energy.


"UV" is short for ultraviolet light. UV-CTP technology refers to UV or UV laser on the traditional PS plates for computer-direct plate making a plate making method. It uses a light source that can be divided into UV-CTP and UV laser UV-CTP two types. UV-CTP technology, earlier known as CTCP technology, compared with CTP technology, CTCP technology, the most significant advantage is the use of common PS plates familiar to printers, plate prices are relatively low, in addition to the traditional plate making, printing process compatibility better. CTCP technology shortcomings The disadvantage of CTCP technology is the low efficiency of plate making.

4.Inkjet CTP

Inkjet CTP technology is a CTP plate-making technology that uses large-format inkjet printers to perform inkjet imaging on processed PS plates. Inkjet CTP technology can use ordinary PS plate as the plate base, photo polymeric layer can be decomposition type or photopolymer and type, but also directly in the roughing, anodizing the porous aluminum plate obtained by printing imaging, the ink used can be water-soluble, heat-set ink, printing on ordinary PS plate, after the development of the plate can be printed on the machine, in addition to CTP technology advantage is no pollution to the environment, is Known as green products, it is also relatively low price of equipment and consumables process is simple, low cost of plate making. Its shortcomings are that the device's resolution is not very high image quality, in the large-format printing work is relatively slow.

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