Why is the Internet era making the printing industry a better prospect?


Throughout the printing industry, When one door shuts, another opens. Personality printing has developed rapidly in recent years; more and more businesses will choose personalized and heartfelt packaging to attract consumers' attention.

In recent years, the printing industry has been gradually affected by the Internet; we are now watching the news, using the Internet, to engage in publicity with the Internet, a variety of APP and new media communication methods overwhelming. The decline of the paper media has also brought the printing industry into an unprecedented downturn.
Some people say that the printing industry is about to disappear.

According to industry insiders, the main reason for this situation is that young people, nowadays, are not interested in newspapers. The way they learn about information is mainly through self-media and TV. Especially now, the rise of short video and other industries, so that disseminating information to speed up and become interesting.

Internet and printing-industry

But also said that although the printing industry is now in a downturn, but will not die out because printing, always an industry in demand.

In fact, printing has long been limited to traditional media such as newspapers and magazines. However, multimedia's rise represents a new form of presentation, but this does not mean that multimedia will replace print. People just set the photo at the highest level; only those most important, the most exquisite, the most worthy of printing things will be made into a print to treasure.

What is personalized printing?

Personalized printing is a buzzword in recent years, custom calendars, photos, albums, postcards, invitations, etc. have become significant enterprise consumers are keen to customize products, in this era of highlighting individuality, the pursuit of the real me, these according to their ideas to produce goods more in line with the needs of the majority of consumers, is the Park that the personalized printing industry will breed substantial business opportunities, the development of momentum will be increasingly good. Walk in the industry's wind, is always gold will shine.

According to the consumer data survey in recent years, for the personalized printing industry, consumers are mainly concentrated in the 18-35 years old, most of them are students and mothers, most consumers are women, we interviewed a customer who has repurchased five times in our store, she told us. She usually loves to play blindly, likes to take selfies, likes to chase stars, wants to save a large number of photos of herself, her family and friends, and will organize them every once in a while, and in 18 years learning from a friend that you can develop photos online and individually design a private customized album, and also express delivery, the price is much lower than the physical store, and from then on she embarked on the road of development, and now all the tables inside her home and office are Now all the tables in her home and office are filled with her calendars and photos. It feels lovely to see a different version of herself every day.

Personalized Photo-Printing

This customer said that personalized printing is prevalent in their group of young people; in addition to students, young mothers are also the main force of consumption, in social media often see a lot of friends in the sun baby photo album, influenced by them, she will also be their own baby growth experience with photos recorded into albums, waiting for the child to grow up to let him see their childhood model, is also a delighted and memorable thing.

After many times of consumer group confirmation and investigation, they are keen on personalized printing because first of all, they can have a unique thing to show themselves and meet their own needs, fashion and innovation are the labels of the post-90s and post-00s, the uniqueness of customized products can perfectly meet their consumer needs, each consumer's ideas are different, the design of the product is also unique, the price These are the shortcomings of physical stores, online customization is also more convenient, without leaving the door, make your own choice, upload the file and wait for approval, and then courier to your home and delivery.

The explosion of information in the Internet era, the rapid progress of digital printing technology, and young people's preference for a visual feast decided that the printing industry is still an industry with a bright future.

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