Hardcover Book Printing, the principle and function of increasing gloss


What does Hardcover Book Printing increase gloss?

Hardcover Book Printing increases the glossiness. It is a method of printing once or twice with a printing plate or printing machine on the surface of the printed matter that has been published with all characters to increase the glossiness oil to obtain a bright film layer on the surface of the printed matter.

In daily life, you will find that the paper surface of many books or printed materials are very smooth. This phenomenon depends not only on the type of paper but also on the increase in gloss during the printing process.

Books to increase glossiness

Hardcover Book Printing is the primary method to increase gloss.

The increase in the glossiness of printed matter is to increase the glossiness and paint on the surface of the printed matter and paper for surface levelling and calendering and to achieve the desired reflection effect by changing the luminosity of the surface of the article. This process is called increasing the glossiness.

1. According to different gloss increase paints can be divided into oxidation polymerization type paint to increase gloss, solvent, volatile type paint to increase shine, heat curing type to improve gloss, and light-curing style to increase brilliance.
2. According to the coating method of increasing gloss, it can be divided into spraying to improve shine, printing to increase gloss and special coating to increase brilliance.
3. According to the different brightness enhancement equipment, it can be divided into a brightness enhancement machine and a printing enhancement linkage.
4. Divided by the product after increasing gloss, it can also be divided into the whole surface increasing gloss, partial increasing gloss, matting, increasing artistic brilliance.

The primary function and advantages of Hardcover Book Printing to increase gloss

1. It can improve the light resistance of the ink.
2. Increase the heat and moisture resistance of the ink layer to protect the imprint and beautify the product.

The price is low, the process is simple, and the operation is simple. You can choose to increase the gloss according to actual needs. The gloss can be improved by a full plate or partially. Printing to improve gloss is the same as the transfer principle of printed text. Therefore, the part of the printed text is used to transfer the printed matter to adsorb the film layer, and the blank part is not adsorbed. According to the needs of customers and the special requirements of actual printing technology, printing can improve the gloss. Our hardback printers often need to increase gloss processing in daily book printing to ensure better book collection performance, smooth appearance, to a certain extent, improve the product grade of books, increase added value, and make the colour effect of hardcover books more three-dimensional.

Eco-friendly printing

In order to make the cover of the book more attractive, many children's printed books also use the process of increasing the gloss, so the environmental problems of ink and increasing the gloss of materials have been generated. Therefore, we must pay attention to environmental protection standards. The following article will be of interest to you. For children's book printing, we must pay attention to environmental standards.
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