The quality of printing is affected by the printing equipment and operation technology.


The quality of printing is affected by the printing equipment and operation technology.

Why do companies need custom coloring book printing?

A corporate brochure or coloring book is one of the forms of external publicity for enterprises, showing the enterprise's strength and product information to improve the brand awareness of the company's products and promote sales growth. Corporate brochures generally reflect the corporate culture, scale, goals and company philosophy, company product information, etc. Therefore, the quality of printing will have a particular impact on the company's brand image.

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To correctly understand the various interference factors in the printing production process, by doing an excellent job of publishing, equipment and operating technology preferences, to effectively avoid more or less printing malpractices appear, to ensure that the finished album printing bright colors, apparent, color uniformity.

When printing, from which aspects can we control the quality of printed materials?

In addition to some pictures and text content, we also need to have some basic design concepts for the album; printers have experience in typesetting but want the album to show better results, we want to have an expected value, generally will give a basic album ideas structure, such as the main highlight to show what content, which pictures and titles placed in what position is brighter, the title and content text size, color and other details of the part. This will affect the overall page count of the album. The picture's resolution is 300dpi or more, generally not less than 200dpi; otherwise, it will affect album printing.

Album printing production process there is another effect of the reason - overprint inaccuracy, overprint inaccuracy will affect the clarity of the picture, and the visual impact of the set of color text, overprint inaccuracy for several reasons, such as paper reasons, seasonal changes, workshop temperature and humidity control is not acceptable, the paper is composed of natural plant fiber materials, there is a strong hydrophilic. There are also reasons such as equipment, technology, printing machine master operation and experience. Also, the quality of stapling will have an impact on the aesthetics of the album. Many details need to be interlocked to complete a satisfactory album design and printing.

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