Softcover-book-printing, which is the best printing house? The three main criteria for choosing a printer


Softcover-book-printing, which is the best printing house? The three main criteria for choosing a printer

With the rapid development of society, especially in the packaging and printing industry, printing houses are especially mushrooming, and there are countless of them. If you want to do hangtag printing or hardcover-book-printing for your business in the face of many printers, then how to choose a good printer? On this topic to share with you a few measurements of the choice of a printing plant.

  1. 1.Look at the printing plant equipment
    Good equipment is the essential element necessary for the printing of hardcover books. Heidelberg series imported from Germany, its high printing accuracy, stable quality. KS-printing has all the production equipment from design output to product formation: digital pre-press operation system, new Heidelberg printing presses, hot stamping machines, UV machines, die-cutting machines, and other 20 types of process production equipment to provide customers with pre-press printing. We can provide customers with a complete set of high-quality color printing solutions before, during, and after printing to meet customers' individual needs for different products.


  1. 2.Look at the technology of the printing plant
    Printing technology, especially color management in pre-press technology, is critical to ensure that the finished printed product is identical to the design. Good printing companies generally use modern ICC color management technology, which is built within the computer operating system color management system can use the color characteristics description file (ICC profile) as the basis for color conversion, as long as any input or output devices support this format, each other can be accurate color conversion. This also means that color conversion is performed systematically from image creation or color capture to final image output. The color management system maintains and optimizes color fidelity as much as possible during the conversion process from one device to another (either from computer to press or from proof to press) to achieve the goal of "what you see is what you get" and avoid situations like the one in this case from happening again.

  2. 3.Look at the experience of the printer
    The excellent printing quality also depends on the rich experience of printing companies and skilled workers. Comprehensive factors, we can easily see that the quality of hardcover-book-printing is closely related to the interests of enterprises themselves, the only way to avoid the recurrence of the situation, in this case, is to check the equipment, technology, and experience of the printing plant at all levels and to eliminate the blind pursuit of low prices, so that the samples become a powerful way to deliver product value and create economic benefits. KS-printing printing plant was established In 2006. The factory covers an area of more than 5,000 square meters, is a 15 focus on the production of children-book-printing, paperback-book-printing, and other printed products integrated production enterprises.


The main differences between printers are mainly reflected in the equipment, professional expertise, quality, price, and service. Among them, the equipment specifically determines what the printer is good at doing. When you choose a printer, you must keep this in mind.

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