10 booklet printing questions you care about


Generally, when we talk to customers, they often ask questions about printing, which is very easy for our printing staff to understand and explain. Still, for many customers, especially those who are relatively rusty in the booklet printing industry, we need to communicate patiently.

About book printing and album printing,The following are some of the more common questions asked by ks-printing customers, and we have provided a detailed answer to them.

1. Why is there a big difference in price for the same print?

The printing price consists of the following components: the full price of the paper used, design fees, plate making fees (including film), proofing fees, printing plates (PS plates), printing labor fees, and post-processing fees. Seemingly the same print, the price difference lies in the materials used and process differences. In short, printed materials also follow the principle of "a penny for a penny."

2. Why does the printed and computer display look different?

This is a computer display problem; the color value of each monitor is not the same. Especially the LCD monitor. Take two of our company's computers for comparison: one on the color display is a double hundred red, the other looks like 15 more black, in fact, typing out the same.

3. What preparations should be made before the official printing?

Customers need to make prints at least the following preparations.
①. To provide high precision pictures (more than 300 pixels), provide the correct text content (when you need to design)
②. Provide the original file with good design (when the design is not required)
③. Specification requirements clearly, such as the number, size, paper, post-process, etc.

4. How to make our printed materials look more high-grade?

How to make the printed materials look more high-grade can be done from three aspects.
①. The design style should be new, and the layout should be fashionable.
②. The use of special printing processes, such as lamination, varnishing, hot stamping, hot silver, printing.
③. Use good materials, such as art paper, PVC materials, wood, and other special materials.

5. Why word and other office software to do things can not be printed directly?

In fact, WORD made simple things (such as text, tables) can be printed directly. WORD things can not be printed directly because WORD is the office software, generally used to do text, tables, and other simple typesetting. If you use WORD to line up pictures is more inconvenient, printing is also prone to unpredictable errors and prints out a greater color difference. Customers want to make color prints, and it is best to use specialized design software to do, such as CorelDRAW, Illustrator, InDesign software.

6. In the computer looked obvious things, why printing out very fuzzy?

The computer display is made up of millions of colors, and even lighter colors can be rendered, the vision given is quite clear; while printing is a complex process, through the output, plate making, and other processes, in this process, if the picture in some places the color (CMYK value) is less than 5%, the plate making is not shown. Like this case, the color will be ignored. So the printed thing is not as clear as the computer display.

7. What is meant by four-color printing?

Generally refers to the use of yellow, magenta, cyan ink, and black ink to reproduce the color original color process.

8. What is called spot-color printing?

Is referred to in addition to yellow, magenta, cyan. Black ink other than the four colors of other color oils to replicate the original color printing process. Packaging printing is often used in the spot color printing process to print large areas of the base color.

9. What products must be used four-color printing process?

Photographs were taken by color photography reflecting the colorful changes in nature, painters' color artwork or other images containing many different colors, for process requirements or economic reasons, must be scanned and color-separated by electronic color separation machines or color desktop systems, and then reproduced using a four-color printing process.

10. What kind of products will use spot-color printing?

Packaging products or book covers are often composed of uniform blocks of different colors or a regular gradient of color blocks and text; these blocks and text can be divided into four primary color ink overlays or can be deployed spot-color ink and then printed in the same color block only a spot-color ink. In the case of careful consideration to improve printing quality and save the number of overprints, sometimes to choose spot-color printing.


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