Why do we need to print samples before album printing? What do I need to pay attention to when printing samples?


The so-called album sample printing is actually a reference sample before printing a large number of albums; to avoid printing on the machine, there is a deviation in the printing color and printing later irreparable losses.

Then album sample printing need to pay attention to what?

1. album printing plate text from the cutting edge must be greater than 3mm not to be cut when cutting. The text must be turned to curve or trace the outer frame. The text should not use the system word; if used will cause white nodes at the intersection of strokes. After converting the text to curves, please pay attention to any misalignment between words or lines that skip lines or overlap each other. If there are white nodes at the intersection of strokes, use the break-up command. Do not choose overprint filler for black text.

2. In color printing, you cannot request the printing color by the color printed on the screen or printer. The customer must refer to the percentage of CMYK chromatography to decide the production of color filling. Also note: different manufacturers produce CMYK chromatography using paper, ink type, printing pressure, and other factors; the same color block will vary.

3. The same document in different times printing, the color will be different, the color difference within 10% for normal (due to the ink volume control will be different each time due to), large machine printing, taking into account the other, if the old file to add printing, to avoid excessive color differences, only refer to the digital color samples issued by the company. Different times the color difference in the finished print, not as a reason for return.

4. In color printing, please avoid using dark colors or full-page color combinations for color blocking; otherwise, back printing will be easily produced after printing and cutting. Due to the small amount of business card printing, the front and back of the same large area of color blocks, it is difficult to ensure consistency, and no ink spots shall not be used as a reason for return.

5. Do not use less than 10% of the color of the backing or bottom image of the album printing to avoid the inability to present when printing the finished product.

6. Use CoreIDRAW9.0 Chinese version to design and produce documents; due to the group version's need, documents designed with Mac will be converted to PC format. In CorelDRAW, images and photos must be input in TIFF file format and CMYK mode, not in PSD file format. For all input images, separated drop shadows and objects with transparency, filter material coloring OWCLIP, please convert the dot matrix image again in CorelDRAW (the color is CMYK32 bit, the resolution is 300dpi, anti-aliasing compensation transparent background using color description file are checked). To avoid the mosaic image when assembling the plate. If you reduce the dot matrix by adjusting the nodes, please also turn the dot matrix again (option as before) to avoid the dot matrix being partially obscured when output. For objects that have been processed with CorelDraw's 'Filter Effects,' please also convert the dot matrix image once (option as before) to be sure.

7. For all input or self-drawn graphics, the line frame's thickness should not be less than 0.1mm. Otherwise, the print will cause broken lines or can not be rendered. Also, the line frame can not be set to "scale with the image." Otherwise, the print output will form irregular lines.


8.When the gradient object is placed into the frame for precise cropping, please convert it to dot matrix (the same method as point 6), because the direction of the gradient layer will not be rotated together after the gradient layer is grouped with other objects and then rotated. In addition, no gradient object should be set to "edge width", because the output machine's interpretation is different, sometimes it will cause insufficient color filling at the edge of the gradient.

9.When printing double-sided bifold business cards, please mark the folding line and the front and back side.

10.AS there is no color proof for the order from the internet, we cannot guarantee the exact same color block if there is a strict standard color.

11.No matter business card printing, card printing, single-sided printing, double-sided printing, no matter how many people or how many styles, all placed on the same page, do not split the production page.

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