Printers teach you how to choose a printing press for printing.


For conventional printing, the usual printing method is flatbed offset printing. So the following KS printing house to say the printing method refers to the flatbed offset printing.

Printing can be divided into monochrome printing and multicolor printing; in a printing process, only one ink color on the substrate is called monochrome printing (including black and spot colors); in a printing process, the printing of two or more ink colors on the substrate is called multicolor printing.

In terms of Chinese printing enterprises' current situation, single-color and two-color printing are generally completed using domestic printing presses, four-color, and four-color printing. Individual requirements of the higher two-color printing are typically constructed using imported printing presses, so in terms of cost, the lowest price of single-color printing, and then from low to tall order are spot color, two-color, four-color, and four-color printing.

Printing using single-color, two-color, four-color or more than four-color which printing method can be decided by the following characteristics of various printing methods.

A. Single-color printing

1. black and white monochrome: usually printed on the substrate only black printing method, known as black and white printing. There are drawings usually white color, for easy reading, so the majority of printed materials in black and white printing. Black and white printing also have good value and low cost, so currently the most common printing method in the printing industry. Black and white printing is suitable for text and line drawings of mainly printed materials.

2. spot-color printing: usually printed on the substrate only one color other than the black printing method, known as spot-color printing. Such as printing blue, red, green, or a particular single color. In recent years, to save costs and make books and magazines look beautiful, colorful, spot-color printing is also widely used. The cost of spot-color printing is relatively high compared to black and white printing.


B. Two-color printing

The characteristics of two-color printing.
①. Color effect and relatively low cost
②. The paper requirements are not very high; the available choice of offset paper is light paper.
③. Two-color printing is suitable for lively layout, visual contrast notable available science books, primary and secondary school textbooks box simple promotional printing.

C. Four-color and four-color printing

The characteristics of four-color printing:
1. can well reproduce the artistic effect of the work.
2. four-color printing on the typesetting, soft film, printing plates, cardboard, ink, equipment, operators, etc., are more demanding.
3. it is also more costly.

Its suitable range is suitable for the text with many color pictures-based medium and high-grade printed materials, For example, brochure printing, picture book printing, advertising, and cover printing, etc.

It should be said that the selected print using a few colors printing, the choice of typesetting, the choice of paper laid the foundation.

Besides, offset printing according to the machinery's degree is divided into sheet printing and rotary printing; paper savings characterize sheet printing. Still, the speed is relatively slow rotary printing, rotary printing is characterized by more significant paper loss than sheet printing, but the printing speed and printing are completed along with the folding work are also conducted at the same time, rotary printing is generally suitable for the number of prints in more than 10,000, publishing time requirements for shorter shots. In recent years, the introduction of a large number of eight-color large-format rotary printing presses has enriched the printing market for periodicals, magazines, and textbooks and brought a considerable impact on the price and duration of flat four-color offset presses.

Do you know what the world's top ten printing press brands are?

Printing machinery is a printing press, binding machine, plate-making machine, and other mechanical equipment and other auxiliary machinery and equipment. This machinery and equipment have different properties and uses, so the automatic forms that makeup them are not precisely the same. Below, you will find a list of the top ten printing machinery brands, and I hope it will help you.

1. Heidelberg
Originated in Germany brand printing media industry, one of the best solution providers, one of the world's largest manufacturers of complete sets of printing equipment, Heidelberg China Co. (KS-printing using the original imported German Heidelberg printing press).

2. KBA
One of the largest printing press manufacturers globally, professional printing press manufacturer and supplier, famous brand of printing press, Königbauer Printing Machinery (Shanghai) Co.

3. Shanghai Electric Group Company
One of the largest and most comprehensive printing and packaging machinery enterprise groups in China, China's top ten printing machinery brands, Shanghai Electric Printing and Packaging Machinery Group.

They were founded in 1923, dedicated to high-performance printing machine manufacturers, one of the world's most famous printing machine manufacturers, Komori Printing Machinery (Shenzhen) Co.

5. Mitsubishi
They were founded in 1884 in Japan, Japan's most prominent heavy industry, one of the world's leading brands, the top ten brands of printing machinery, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (China) Co.

6. north man group of companies
In 1952, China's printing machine manufacturing industry in one of the highest technical content, Beijing famous trademark, one of the critical national support enterprises, the beiren Group of Companies.

7. hans grown
Liaoning Famous Trademark, Liaoning Famous Brand, High-tech Enterprise, Famous R&D and manufacturing base of offset printing machine in China, Liaoning Da Clan Guanhua Printing Technology Co.

8. manroland
One of the world's leading suppliers of printing equipment and systems is one of the world's largest web presses, one of the world's top 500 companies, Manroland Greater China, Germany.

GOSS Printing Systems (China) Co., Ltd. is a Shanghai Electric subsidiary, a high-tech enterprise, and the most significant Sino-foreign joint venture in the printing press manufacturing industry.

Guangdong Province famous trademark, corrugated box printing machinery industry leader, Torch Plan key high-tech enterprises, Guangdong Oriental Precision Technology Co.


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