What are the most common printing methods for packaging boxes?


The most common printing methods for packaging boxes are mainly flexographic and gravure printing.

Packaging boxes are one of our standard printing products. With the economic development of society, the development of various new technologies has impacted packaging box printing. It has also extensively promoted the development of packaging box printing.

Development prospects of packaging box printing production.
As an essential and traditional information carrier, paper production has always been long-lasting and increasingly closely related to printing technology. Economic development, technological progress, the variety of paper, paper quality and paper performance constantly put forward new requirements. In the 80s, China's printing industry and China's paper industry complete the process of changing from letterpress printing to offset printing, from the production of letterpress printing paper to offset printing paper production. The use of letterpress printing is rare in Chinese printing, and letterpress printing has been almost entirely replaced by offset printing.

China's paper industry, although still letterpress paper as the industry statistics focuses on products, the actual production is no longer the letterpress paper in the past; most of them are offset booklet paper.


What are the printing methods of packaging box printing?

A. Flexographic printing of packaging boxes

The main advantages of packaging box flexo printing are.

1. Simple equipment structure, easy to form a production line. In offset, gravure, flexographic printing equipment in the three major printing equipment, flexographic printing machine is the simplest structure. Therefore, the price of flexo printing machines is relatively low, printing enterprises less investment in equipment. At the same time, because the equipment is simple, easy to use and operate, easy to maintain, so the vast majority of flexographic printing machine, with hot stamping, varnishing, cutting, slitting, die-cutting, creasing, punching, windowing and another processing line, the formation of production lines. Significantly improve labour productivity.

2. Wide range of applications and substrates. Flexo printing can print almost all printed materials and use all substrates. Especially in the packaging printing of corrugated paper printing has a unique feature.

3. Wide use of water-based inks. Offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing three primary printing methods; only flexographic printing is currently widely used water-based inks. Non-toxic and non-polluting for the protection of the environment, especially for packaging printing.

4. Lower cost. Flexo printing cost is low in foreign countries has formed a broad consensus.

B. Gravure printing of packaging boxes

Gravure printing, ink full of three-dimensional sense, in various printing methods, the printing quality is the best. And the printing quality is stable. Long life of the printing plate. Suitable for high-volume printing. Gravure printing can print fragile materials, such as plastic film. However, gravure plate making is complicated and expensive, and its benzene-containing ink pollutes the environment. These two problems have affected the development of gravure printing. In particular, many prints reduce the short version while requiring a significant increase in the number of low-priced images, so that gravure printing continues to lose the market.

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