Can't figure out whether to make a company album or a product album? What is the difference between the two?


The center of album design is to establish the corporate image.

The corporate album design's primary consideration is the corporate logo graphic, which is the brand symbol mentioned earlier. As for the complex expression, different industries and different brands have different expressions.

Some brands take the characteristic symbol as the idea. Some take the design style like the idea. Some take the color tone as the consideration, and some take the main picture as the consideration directly.
Some take the concept as the center to unify all the brand image, no matter the packaging, film, plane, or name, all have the shadow of this concept, only the embodiment method is slightly different.


Why do many companies now need to find advertising agencies for album design?

At this time for everyone to introduce, because whether you are selling jewelry or clothing, or even promotional aspects, are required to do a good album design, because there are many things he is not able to get real-life, need manufacturers and other people order after we can see the real thing. So at this time, album design is essential; in this case, one must first look at the album after understanding what kind of things. And after understanding its composition, or its content, then we can decide whether to buy it or not. That is why it is essential to choose such a company in this case.

Many companies are not sure whether they want to do a company album or a product album when planning a picture album?

The company album mainly shows the corporate brand image, while the product album is mainly to show the product.

Such as corporate album design, generally speaking, its composition portfolio contains the spirit of corporate philosophy, corporate culture, corporate development history, corporate service cases, corporate customer groups, and so on, these contents are all around the "enterprise" to carry out, the product may appear in a supporting role. Then the corresponding design should run through the enterprise's characteristics to locate industry features, structure positioning, picture selection, creative visual style, album layout design, etc.; all these work is to shape the overall image of the enterprise. 

And the proportion of product album design determines the content in the enterprise's introduction will be streamlined, focusing on the product's function, product features, product use, product service solutions, etc... The corresponding design album will revolve around these contents to carry out; perhaps product quality requirements are very high in product photography, grasp every detail, the product album will be very successful. 

Also, some companies do not listen to the design company's advice to save budget and arbitrarily compress the page to adjust the content. The result is confusion in the company's image and product introduction, which damages the corporate image's external display. An excellent album is designed to help improve the status of the corporate brand.

Suppose the structure of a booklet is not very innovative and creative. In that case, the photography, design, and printing of this booklet are good again, and it is difficult to attract customers to read on and more challenging to leave a deep impression on customers.

We should pay attention to the following elements.

A.Nowadays, it is already the era of "reading pictures

Many occasions are mainly pictures to reflect the problem, and the text-only plays a supporting role. Design is the text and picture of the clothes, fit or not, good-looking or not is the measure. Be sure to work on photography and design, ask the most suitable photographer to take pictures in advance, and ask for the most suitable design for post-production. 
B. the paper and process.

With the quality of design, how to better present the need for paper and process, the market as a printing paper countless, the process is also very much. There are differences in paper grammage, feel the texture, color, coating, ink absorption, etc. Select the most suitable paper based on the design, coupled with several processes to produce a high-end brochure. 

Click to learn more about → Printing paper selection: Printing books and journals, the paper selection is a big learning curve.

C. printing has three essential elements.

Printing machine performance, the long level of the printing machine, ink, binding is the last step, but the most critical step is the quality of the finished product, and binding has a great relationship. In terms of binding, craftsmanship to produce artisan products, attitude is critical. 

Corporate album design planning and production use visual elements to show the corporate philosophy, using text and graphics to convey information to the audience and let people happy to accept.

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