What is UV printing? Five reasons to choose UV printing process for packaging printing


What we call UV printing in packaging printing is after printing the pattern you want on the packaging box, add oil to the printed pattern; the primary purpose is to increase the brightness of the product, protect the surface of the packaging box, improve the hardness, wear-resistance and corrosion, not easy to hurt, enhance the intelligence of the product and artistic effect.

The UV printing process mainly refers to special UV ink on the UV printing machine to achieve local or overall UV printing effect, mainly for non-absorbent printing. UV ink is a green, environmentally friendly ink, with instantaneous fast curing, no volatile organic solvent VOC, less pollution, high efficiency, low energy consumption and other characteristics.
UV printing is the use of UV ink printing, the use of ultraviolet light drying printing method. UV printing is mainly used for laser paper, aluminized paper, plastic PE Ding, PVC and other non-absorbent material packaging printing. UV printing and traditional offset printing compared to the bright colours, unique printing materials, new products, broad market prospects, etc., suitable for senior business card boutique packaging, old commercial picture books, unique in special calendars The product areas such as printing, special label printing, etc.


What are the benefits of using UV technology in the production of packaging for our packaging printers? Next, let's talk about five reasons to choose UV printing technology for packaging printing.

1. It is beneficial to improve product functionality.

Our UV printing is suitable for much-printed matter, good adaptability. UV printing products dot precise, good level reproduction, ink colour, high printing consistency.
Simultaneously, the UV curing process is a photochemical reaction process; the middle and varnish layers have strong adhesion, durability, water resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, ageing resistance, and other advantages and characteristics of other printing are not.

2. conducive to improving production efficiency and economic benefits.

UV printing using light-curing solidification method, no heat source, no solvent, curing time is short, ordinary UV technology can achieve a line speed of 400m / min, significantly improving production efficiency.

After printing in UV oil, UV varnishing connection processing, the resulting print has a high gloss and a consistent average surface. After connecting the light, die-cutting, creasing, gluing, hot stamping and other packaging processing technologies can be completed immediately, conducive to the need to carry out high-speed printing.

High speed means that raw materials, finished goods warehouse costs, and capital pressure can be reduced. Simultaneously, due to the low energy consumption of UV curing, the usual operating costs are also significantly reduced.

3. Meet the requirements of environmental protection.

UV printing nationalized system for solvent-free system, that is, solvent-free formula, no VOC organic volatiles, not only for the printer's health but also in line with environmental protection requirements.

This is another essential feature of UV curing oil, UV ink curing after curing content close to 100%, no VOC (volatile organic compounds). In the curing process of volatile organic compounds rarely radiated will not form hazardous environmental pollution.

4. Ink adhesion is strong.

UV ink chemicals in the cross-linking reaction constitute a three-dimensional polymer mesh polymer. UV oil can make the inner layer of the packaging box more solid, faster drying, cross-linking so that the inner layer has a high degree of wear resistance and chemical resistance.

We have many direct mail product packaging boxes for which we require intense radiation that can be folded many times and can be laser printed again. This time, we often use UV on coated paper because such packaging meets the need for wear resistance.

5. The degree of ink curing fast

UV ink will only solidify under the irradiation of UV light; even if the ink is kept in the ink hopper for a long time, its function will be stable and will not appear in the case of crusting on the ink roller. After UV irradiation, the oil can be solidified in the bag, and generally, the only 1/10S is needed to harden and adhere to the substrate's surface fully.

Traditional headset ink and sheet pulp printing oil may take minutes or even days to solidify fully. Hence, the use of UV-curable ink printing lives parts; short delivery time can be compared with soft printing, gravure, significantly improve printing production efficiency.

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