The role and purpose of hardcover book binding


The characteristics of hardcover book binding

The Hardcover book is not bendable, looks high grade, generally because the hardcover seems very heavy, fine. A beautiful protective cover usually accompanies hardcover books. The inside pages of hardcover books are the same as a paperback, with a strip of cloth pasted to the spine for a more secure connection and protection.
The front and back covers are glued to the first and last pages of the book, the spine of the book have a flat spine and round spine, a flat spine more than the use of rigid paper plates to do the lining of the protective cover, flat shape. Rounded spine more with kraft paper, leather and other more rigid materials to do the lining of the range to start the arc. Between the cover and the backbone to press the groove, spine to open the lid.

Hardcover book printing and binding

What are the advantages of hardcover book binding?

With the development of the publishing and printing business, more and more hardcover books, hardcover book binding is also the most complex and elaborate procedure in all types of binding. Hardcover book printing and processing is mainly divided into two parts: the cover and the inside pages, which require more challenging paper. To better protect the inner pages, the body will use thicker cardboard to avoid tears and creases, material complexity and diversity; commonly used materials are fabric, artificial leather, leather, hot stamping, screen printing, embossing, special paper and other materials design.

Solid and firm, beautiful binding process conducive to the long-term preservation of hardcover book collection. We can often see some classic works, exquisite books or often used picture books are bound in hardcover. Some hardcover books are made of thinner paper cover, so-called soft leather hardcover or hardshell hardcover.

What are the main methods of hardcover book binding?

Hardcover book printing methods are also relatively diverse; hardcover book pages are generally used to lock the line process, use the line to lock the pages together, and then glued, so more robust, not easy to fall off the page.
The cover is generally cardboard, beautifully printed thin paper glued to the cardboard to form the book cover, and then the inner pages glued to the book shell.

Why is hardcover book design a complex and creative thing?

Because it is in the core and leading position, it is the basis for all the activities of the elements of the design system. The base, now in the mall can see a lot of packaging design is not just the use of rich features for product packaging, but in the creation of their own local ethnic culture into the packaging, so that consumers can accurately know the cultural characteristics of the product.

A good hardcover book design can increase sales and promote the brand, but some printers produce hardcover books that do not look so close to the people; if companies want their products to have a better display, Hardcover book printing and binding is the key.