What is hardcover book printing, and what is the difference between regular printing?


What is hardcover book printing?

Hardcover book printing refers to a delicate production method for books. It is mainly made by processing various shapes on the book's cover and the spine and corners of the book core. There are different methods and forms of processing, such as core processing, round back (spine or not), square back, square corners, and around corners, etc.; cover processing is also divided into the whole surface, joint surface, square and rounded corners, foil, embossing pattern, etc.

What is the difference between a hardcover book and a simple book?

1. Different process requirements
Hardcover book is relatively simple book process requirements are relatively high, usually with hardcover, fabric, leather, plastic, etc. to do the cover. Some books also wrapped cloth on the back; that is, the hardcover book printing process is very complex and demanding.
The paperback book method is relatively simple; the cost is also relatively low, applicable to the number of pages less and notable books. The primary process of simple binding is folding, matching pages, stapling, wrapping the cover, and cutting the book's edges neatly; the body of such books is generally used paper.

hardcover book printing
2. hardcover book printing and paperback printing in the binding of the difference
The paperback book is the book we usually use, generally using the binding method of glue binding, glue binding to use a special glue binding machine, the use of particular binding with hot melt adhesive, the inner pages of the book together, and then glued together with the cover can be. The available body is made of coated paper; the cover paper is a little thicker than the inner pages, the whole book is bendable and can be held in hand.
Hardcover book pages are generally used to lock the line binding method, which uses the line to close the pages together, and then glued, so more vital, not easy to fall off the page. Hardcover book covers are generally hard shells, the printed thin paper glued to the hard surface to form the book cover, and then the inner pages glued to the book shell. The hardcover book is not bendable, looks noble, generally mainly because there is a hardcover that seems very heavy, fine.

What do hardcover and short cover books have in common?

Whether it is hardcover book printing or paperback book printing, the production of a book will have two parts: printing and binding, and the printing process is the same for both hardcover and paperback books.
Just hardcover book printing requires higher quality, so the paper used is generally high-grade, better writing, while paperback books can be used with ordinary paper. In the printing process, hardback printer staff will also pay extra attention to and carefully control printing quality, such as color differences, overprinting, dirty spots, ink pulling, and other controls. According to the general quality standards of printing, the paperback printing staff is generally a little more relaxed.