Carton box printing technology control-related knowledge


In industrial production, carton printing technology is often used. So today, we analyze the classification and characteristics of carton printing technology.

Small cartons and carton products usually coexist with various structural layouts. For example, layouts centered on on-site printing and printing layouts where screens, text, lines, and on-site patterns coexist. Gold and silver that do not display spectral colors are available and form where spot colors and four primary colors coexist. The use of offset printing, letterpress (or gravure printing, etc.) technology printing methods are different; printing products have the advantages of technical characteristics, a multi-technology combination of printing cartons, cartons, and other packaging products, can improve the inherent quality of the product. Offset printing technology printing reproduction effect is good, soft tones, clear dots, rich printing levels, printing large area layout is not easy to contaminate the terrible product phenomenon. Toppan and gravure technology has the advantages of the thick ink layer, vivid colors, and high gloss. Therefore, the use of the benefits of different printing technologies, respectively, printing mesh, text, lines, and field patterns coexist products and a variety of color layout, collect the advantages of other printing methods, through the technical synthesis of printing the same effect, give full play to the utilization of equipment.

A variety of combined with the rational application of printing processes.

Offset printing technology printing pressure is light, printing deformation value is relatively small. The bottom of the product is not easy to occur in the pollution phenomenon, suitable for lines, fine text, negative drawings, and large area field layout.
Toppan technology can achieve a more significant amount of ink supply at a time, suitable for printing gold, silver ink layout, on-site, lines, or text layout.

From the point of view of printing's characteristics, the products of printing technology ink layer thin, ink are also easy to dry; the product does not produce convex marks, does not affect the regular printing of printing. The effects of convex printing technology ink dry slowly, which harms the standard color matching. Therefore, the printing order of the combination of offset and convex products is generally offset layout. First, letterpress layout printed after the printing of exemplary arrangement first, large area layout published after the ink color with strong re-coverage first, intense transparency ink color after printing, red and yellow (white ink light exception) format printed on black text and graphics, black design first, other colors after printing, so the transparency of the overlay color is intense, black also can show the color of pure black.

A variety of processes combined with the printing technology of the 12 points to control the critical issues introduced

1. Technical control of pre-press design.

Toppan site layout should avoid splicing fine shaded lines and text in the same color version. Pressure and ink are not adequately considered, which can quickly produce a paste and uneven pressure and affect product printing quality. Glued convex plate with jackets should be as far apart as possible, leaving a particular gap around the jacket layout, or properly expand the edge of the bright jacket layout (you can superimpose the edge of the jacket layout), not allowing a fine jacket, which is difficult to detect with the naked eye.

2. Carry out the technical control of the platter.

The jacket's layout should be as close as possible to the nibble and stretch gauge (side gauge) to avoid changes in paper expansion and contraction, resulting in the coat not being allowed. Besides, the compartment river's layout (compartment core), large or multi-layout layout, can not be printed separately with two technologies.

3. Pay attention to the reasonable choice of the offset printing plate.

PS plate material is thin, installed on the surface of the cylinder, the wrap angle is slight, the printing plate elongation is small, close contact with the cylinder, which helps to improve the printing accuracy of gum convex products, so offset printing technology should choose PS plate for printing.

4. Pay attention to the technology to control the bottom of the printing plate.

Small-size packaging products are often printed with four open or circular press structures of the letterpress printing machine. The characteristics of its printing base material on print pressure, printing accuracy, ink quality effect, etc., have a significant impact. With its firm material, squareness, flatness, and poor stability, traditional wooden backing are prone to bowing and deformation, making it challenging to guarantee printing quality. Therefore, letterpress printing should be firm, flat, square, good stability of aluminum or cast iron magnetic plate base such as metal materials is the basis for improving product standards and ink quality.

5. Pay attention to the closing of the printing pressure control technology.

Printing pressure should be adjusted evenly moderate; too much pressure is easy to make printing stretching deformation, resulting in inaccurate printing, so the printing pressure of printing technology must not be too enormous, should try to reduce the printing pressure to meet the layout of the ink color uniformity and fullness of the premise of the ideal printing.

6. Pay attention to the technical control of packaging technology.

The lining is to achieve the pressure and printing transfer medium, how its characteristics, and the quality of the product jacket and ink color. Therefore, the lining material's deformation coefficient should be as small as possible, and the material should be neutral and hard. Simultaneously, the thickness of the lining should be determined in strict accordance with the technical parameters of the equipment specification. Also, the lining must be tightly wrapped and must not have a loose, bulging state. To prevent jacket disallowance and ghosting, do not repeat the supplement or digging on the letterpress lining.

7. Pay attention to the technical control of the ink balance.

Offset printing technology to control the ink balance is printed under the condition that the ink balance is maintained with the smallest possible fountain solution supply. To prevent the paper surface from absorbing too much water and deformation, ink is also an extensive abnormal balance method of printing.

8. Pay attention to the control of the temperature and humidity of the printing environment.

Control of the printing site's temperature and humidity is an integral part of improving product printing accuracy; printing and printing site temperature and humidity should be maintained in relative balance; there should not be a significant difference between high and low. Otherwise, printing is prone to become impermissible. In general, most small and medium-sized printing enterprises are limited by the conditions, can not effectively and accurately control the production site's temperature and humidity. They usually play a role by simple methods to hold the door and window opening and closing or ground watering.

9pay attention to the technical control of the cardboard before it is put into use.

Paperboard is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity in the external environment, especially the newly produced white paperboard, which is prone to stretching variation and incorrect printing of the product due to changes in temperature and humidity. To reduce the chances of this happening, for the freshly produced white paperboard, after the printing plant transport, generally to be stored for some time, the cardboard characteristics are relatively stable after less prone to printing phenomenon. Also, the cut cardboard should be immediately sent to the printing site, and the printing site temperature and humidity balance, printing helps to improve the accuracy of the product jacket.

10. Pay attention to the technology of cutting paper technology.

How accurate the specification of the paperboard will also affect the printing of the product. Depending on the mechanical structure, the position of the front gauge and the stretch gauge is different. If the cardboard's edge is not cut correctly, and if there are beveled and wavy edges, the jacket will be incorrect. This requires glued convex bonded products; cardboard edges must be cut at right angles, straight lines, and no beveled or wavy edge phenomenon. To improve the cutting accuracy of cardboard, the thickness of the cut must be strictly controlled. The thicker the paper, the softer the report, the more serious the paper surface's deformation when the paper machine presses down, so the less the cutting thickness of each layer of cardboard helps to improve the cutting accuracy of cardboard. Also, the knife edge should be kept sharp according to the paper's hardness; choose the right blade angle is also an important measure to improve the cutting accuracy.

11. Pay attention to mastering the production cycle of product printing.

Printed products of the previous color and several colors after printing, you can print something must be published immediately. Not to take too long to cause the print stretching variation, the print is not correct.

12. Pay attention to the protection of printing semi-finished products.
After printing the semi-finished products, seal the product with plastic film to prevent the cardboard from absorbing moisture from the outside air or dissipating moisture to avoid or reduce the alarming phenomenon of stretching and variation of semi-finished products.

In summary, cartons, cartons, and other packaging products, no matter what method of technology printing, can be a printing technology alone, can be a combination of a variety of technologies printing, or multi-color printing press printing production, or the use of single-color printing press printing production, or the use of advanced multifunctional printing press printing production, or the use of ordinary and straightforward printing press printing production, no matter what the case, the most critical and important link is to control the operating techniques and technologies according to the characteristics of the product, based on the appropriate amount of ink coating printing ink, printing and cardboard characteristics of the proper speed printing, can improve the quality of printing and production efficiency.


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