The colour difference in print? The printing process must control these six elements.


The colour difference in print? The printing process must control these six elements.

Printed products have a certain amount of colour difference; we can only judge based on relevant experience to make the printed product close to the colour of the design. So, how to control the colour difference so that the print is close to the colour of the original plan? Try to control these six elements.

What is chromatic aberration?

Chromatic aberration refers to the difference in colour. We often refer to chromatic aberration as the inconsistent colour when the human eye observes the product in daily life. For example, in the printing industry, the colour of a printed product differs from the customer's standard sample.

In industry and commerce, the correct evaluation of product colour difference is an integral part of the process. However, various factors such as the light source, observation angle, and the observer's conditions when visually inspecting the colour may lead to different colour evaluations.

Color mixing link

Printing colour link is the core content of the overall colour mixing, usually many enterprises printing technicians in colour mixing only pay attention to experience and their feelings for colour mixing, not standardized, no uniform standards, just in a very primitive colour combining state, very accessible, on the one hand, the improvement of colour difference is not practical, on the other hand, the adjustment of colour difference is challenging.

Before colour mixing, special care should be taken to use different printing ink systems for colour mixing. It is best to use the same manufacturer of printing inks for colour mixing. Colour mixing work must be a comprehensive grasp of the colour deviation of various printing inks, which helps to control the colour mixing process. When using the remaining printing ink before toning, first of all, we must figure out the hue of the printing ink, check whether the printing ink logo card is correct, observe and compare with a squeegee, and then join, strengthen the weight of the weight before entering, and record the data.

Also, when adjusting the intensity of spot-colour ink, you can use the measurement method to change the colour, scrape the ink colour sample must be uniform, TO white bottom, which helps to compare with the unified standard selection. When the colour phase reaches more than 90% of the uniform standard sample, strengthen the viscosity adjustment. We can proof and then fine-tune. It is worth noting that in the process of colour mixing must pay special attention to the accuracy of the data; the accuracy of the electronic designation is essential to the summary of the technical data parameters later. After strengthening the printing ink ration data, you can quickly and reasonably adjust the colour through many practices to avoid colour difference problems.

Printing and color mixing

It is best to unify the ink distribution according to the size of the order quantity and complete the colour matching operation at one time to prevent the colour deviation caused by multiple colour matching. Reasonably reduce the occurrence of colour difference and leftover printing ink. Check the colour; even if the colour looks the same under ordinary light, it looks different under other light sources, so you should use a uniform standard light source to see the colour and colour.

Printing squeegee

The influence of printing coating on colour difference, if the layer is often moved in the production processing, it changes the working place of the coating, which is not conducive to the transfer and colour reproduction of the printing coating under normal circumstances, and also the pressure of the layer cannot be changed at will.

The angle and position must be adjusted according to the printing rollers' text condition before production processing. Special attention must be paid to the manual cleanliness and sharpness of the lower knife. The squeegee angle is usually between 50 and 60 degrees, and the squeegee must pay special attention to the uniformity of the three points of the layout. That is to say, the left-centre and proper ink layers must be the same. Also, before the knife, special attention should be paid to check whether the 3 points of the squeegee have a balance of installation, do not have a wavy type, and high and low; it is important for the colour stability of the print.

Adjustment of viscosity

Before production processing to strengthen the viscosity adjustment, it is best to adjust the expected speed and add solvent after 10 minutes to play a full role in production processing. Accelerate the production processing to check the following machine products to meet the quality consciousness standard, the viscosity check can be carried out as the unified standard viscosity value of this product, the matter should be recorded immediately and accurately, and the single product should be adjusted according to the data to reasonably reduce the problem of colour phase deviation caused by viscosity change. Viscosity check should pay special attention to its inspection technology, usually printing ink barrel or printing ink basin in the main body of printing ink inspection. The inspection must be cleaned before No. Three viscosity cup to accurately check.
During the production process under normal conditions, it is recommended to check the viscosity within 20-30 minutes of sampling. The machine manager and technicians can adjust the viscosity value according to the changes. When adjusting the printing ink's thickness and adding solvent, please pay particular attention not to impact the printing ink directly so that the printing ink will not damage the system under normal conditions and the resin and pigment will separate, making the print bloom and the colour reproduction insufficient.

Production environment

The adjustment of air humidity in the workshop usually applies to 55%-65%.

Too high humidity will affect the printing ink's solubility, especially the shallow network area of the transfer is difficult to perform correctly. Reasonable adjustment of air humidity to improve the effect of ink printing and colour adjustment.


Raw materials

Whether the surface tension of raw materials is qualified to affect the wet and transfer effect of printing ink in the printed matter and affect the colour performance effect of printing ink on the film is also one factor affecting the colour difference. To ensure the quality of raw material products is a prerequisite for quality management, it is essential to choose a qualified supplier!

Quality consciousness

Quality awareness refers to the degree of perception of product quality by production and processing and quality managers.
This degree of perception must be noticeable and reflected in the details of work. Adjustment of colour difference mainly instructs the staff to improve quality awareness, exquisite in their work, the formation of product quality concept, such as samples when strictly comply with the selection between the model to achieve more than 90%, you can start production and processing, the first to assist quality inspectors in strengthening the first inspection.

Production and processing strictly require the team to fulfil the quality management system in production and processing to replace the printing ink colour, pay special attention to the details of the cleaning of the printing ink cans, pay special attention to the ink cans of the bottom plate and the two ends of the sandwich whether to replace or clean promptly, these small details in the production and processing of special attention.

Chromatic aberration in printing is inevitable; trying to avoid or reduce the occurrence of chromatic aberration is the key to consider. Using the above factors' specific analysis, you can find improved techniques to prevent chromatic aberrations further. The only way to control colour difference is to regulate the source and sample management to reduce color difference so that there is no noticeable color difference in each batch. Only by paying particular attention to the details of the operation and technical data management in production and processing can we create better products and further improve our company's overall market competitiveness.

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