Why is the design of a hardcover book before printing so important?


The hardcover book printing is generally planned carefully by the designers. Then, in communicating with the customer, the correct planning is done by fully considering the combination of their actual capabilities and the central purpose of the enterprise. 

After the preliminary planning, further planning by senior designers to improve the design shortcomings and add new material content, the first is to show the full range of corporate image and add the enterprise's products and features, shaping a beautiful, atmospheric visual image experience. The final planning effect is presented, corrected, and improved.

When providing printing services design, we do not need to exaggerate the cover and picture design; we want the customer's needs, everywhere for the customer, fully grasp the customer's psychological needs, the main point of the design concept and concept of the enterprise. Printing design is the crystallization of modern scientific skills and art, applying advanced technological effects to enterprises' production, producing new brochures with excellent functionality and beautiful combination.

In the design process, also, to grasp the fundamental requirements of the specifications.

but also pay attention to the beauty of the form, the primary expression of the beauty of the design shape, mainly composed of several elements, including the body of the essential elements such as points, lines, and surfaces, as well as the use of text, graphics, colors, sections, and other forms and differences. The aesthetic value of the brochure design needs to be established based on the unity of function and beauty and to explore beauty based on modern enterprise methods. Modern design in life can give people the sense of beauty that has its own rules. It provides human beings with the energetic impact, touches every person, and so for years and years, affects people's senses, which is any other art form all can compare. The difference between the internal and external quality of the design reflects the level of material production and the performance of the level of civilization and art.

Design is a service industry, do not always feel that the requirements of the party are unreasonable, everything can be communicated and negotiated, and will always find a solution; do not just complain, do not always feel that the other party is aesthetically low, should reflect on their ability is not enough, or the design does not reflect their needs.

To better meet human needs, so that consumers feel convenient and comfortable, Designers who provide print design services need to grasp the psychology of consumption.

to make the design fit the possibility of objective material and technological conditions so that the design better get completed, it is necessary to grasp the opportunity of material process conditions, grasp the material process, to make the design shape fit and To make the design fit and catch up with the new trend of modern design, the designer must grasp the foundation of plane composition, color composition, three-dimensional composition, perspective, etc. Not only that but also to solve the problem of design function. The design is easy to be approached and bear; therefore, it is necessary to grasp the ergonomics, history by Bauhaus pioneers early to put forward the principle of functionalism design, long-term guidance for the procedure. With the development of scientific skills, designers must have a high degree of unity of crafts and art.


Hardcover book printing refers to a sophisticated method of book production.

Hardcover book printing books are mainly made in the book cover and the spine of the book core, the corners of the book after various shape processing. Processing methods and forms are diverse, such as core processing on the round back (or not spine), square back, square and rounded corners, etc.; cover processing and the whole face, joint, square and rounded corners, hot foil, embossed pattern, etc...

The text on the printing plate must be >3mm from the cutting edge to avoid being cut when cutting. The text must be curved or traced outside the frame. Do not use system characters for text, and if you use them, they will cause white nodes at the intersection of strokes. After converting text to curves, please pay attention to any misalignment between words or lines that skip lines or overlap each other. If there are white nodes at the intersection of strokes, use the break-up command. Do not choose overprint filler for black text.

Well, these are some of the details that we need to understand when designing a hardcover book. KS-printing will always act as your professional advisor in providing essential design guidance and on-demand printing jobs, providing professional printing services design; 

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