What are the reasons for the poor quality of color printing and the key factors of color printing quality control?


What are the reasons for the poor quality of color printing and the key factors of color printing quality control?

Color printing is the reproduction of images or text in color, but it is not easy to mention the quality of color printing.

Perhaps you have heard many editors, photographers, and other complaints about the poor quality of color printing in today's pictorials, picture books, periodicals, and magazines, can not restore the original manuscript, serious distortion of color, some colors into a pattern of color blocks, some light and dark, a reversal of levels, and even some pre-press production process on the base manuscript of the characters, landscapes and other colors to make serious color deviation, in terms of these problems, in addition to a part of the original manuscript itself In addition to the poor quality of the original, most of the reasons are caused by improper scanning color separation technology.


Improper scanning color separation technology can be divided into three categories.

1. the production process before printing using low-grade platform scanners (about 20% of the total), thus making the quality of scanning and color separation inferior.

2. the lack of concepts and standardized restoration of scanning color separation operation methods due to the lack of operating technicians, solely under the difference in screen color to make subjective adjustments, so that the advanced technology and powerful functions of high-end professional scanners and high-end networking of electric dividers are not given full play.

3. operators lack aesthetic level. The ability to correctly analyze the original map can not be based on the characteristics of various original manuscripts to make the correct parameter settings and the most reasonable adjustment. In addition to this, there are also very few caused by customers who do not know how to do the job but command blindly.

Through practice, it is proved that the scanning and color separation technology of color reproduction printing is the key to good or bad quality.

On the one hand, it is the current computer plate making to put the simulation type of color photo, reverse film and other image technology input, first of all, all have to be scanned and transformed into a digital image, to pass in the digital process of the pre-press system.
In this scanning conversion process, two key technologies need to master well:

1. how to apply the scanner (to obtain the best color level information from the original from the beginning of the scan).

2. the image file input from the scanner is usually in RGB format; before outputting the color separation film, the file needs to be converted to CMYK format, that is, the conversion of color space; this step can be said to be the key to color separation processing. It is necessary to set the dot expansion value, gray balance parameters, as well as the choice of GCR or UCR color separation mode, according to the ink, paper, and other printing suitability, only if these parameters are set correctly, it is possible to output high-quality color separation film.

On the other hand, scanning color separation has both technical and artistic aspects. Both according to the different types of originals, from the technical aspects of the reasonable setting and adjustment of gray balance, tone contrast, color correction, and clarity, and other parameters, but also the aesthetic aspects of the color tone, saturation, spatial distance, light and dark, light and shadow changes, and other relationships. It can be said that the level of these two aspects of the operation and technical personnel will have a great impact on product quality. To achieve high-quality color printing, it is necessary to fully grasp the key technology of scanning color separation and improve the operation of the operator and the technical level.


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